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Disney Parking Information - Boardwalk Inn

May 12, 2015
If you are visiting the Boardwalk Inn in Walt Disney World, you should be prepared for a slight issue parking.

Disney Franniepoppins Vacation Magic Boardwalk Inn 

There is limited parking available at the Boardwalk. Disney is cracking dwn on parking. You will have to show a valid reason to park there, and your only option may be valet parking. You will not be allowed to park there to visit Epcot.

This announcement is more prominent in the online information, especially when you go to book this resort. 

Due to limited parking availability, we highly recommend that all Disney Resort hotel Guests take advantage of our complimentary transportation options. For Guests arriving in their own vehicles, please be advised that self-parking may not be available—valet parking may be the only option. For Guests traveling to Epcot, please utilize the Epcot Guest Parking Lot.

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