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Figment and Dreamfinder! A New Comic Created by Disney Kingdoms/Imagineers/Marvel

March 14, 2014
Figment of Imagination! He is coming to life in a Disney Kingdoms Marvel Comic in June 2014!  "One little spark of inspiration is at the heart of all creation."

Spark Comic Figment and Dreamfinder June 2014

I am pretty excited about this new comic that is coming out.  Figment of Imagination and Dreamfinder will come to life on the pages of a comic book!  Disney Kingdoms and Marvel Comics have collaborated to create Spark!  I am betting it will be quite the journey into Figment's imagination.  It will be written by Jim Zub and illustrated by Filipe Andrade.  The first comic book will be released in June 2014.  

Here is a journey into my imagination of Figment wishes. Maybe, just maybe, could Disney be considering bringing Dreamfinder back to Epcot?  This is not a Disney rumor, not Disney news, just Franniepoppins wishing. 

Figment and Dreamfinder Comic Strip