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Disney Tests Free Phone Charger Lockers in Walt Disney World

April 20, 2014
Disney is answering the need for cell phone charging  capabilities in the Disney World theme parks.  There is a test being done in Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Cell Phone Chargers Disney Vacation 
The My Disney Experience app can be very draining on the average cell phone battery.  There is an area in Magic Kingdom, near the Tangled bathrooms, that has outlets to charge your phone. You have to sit and wait, though.  Wouldn't it be nice to just drop your phone somewhere and leave it to be charged while you go and play?

Consider it a done deal!  Disney is introducing cell phone charger lockers!  Very cool idea, right? The first ones are in Tomorrowland  and Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom. They are free to use, but you do need to swipe a credit card in  order to secure your phone.  The lockers are small, just big enough for your phone.  Plug it in secure the locker and off you go!

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