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Epcot For Kids! Part 1 in the World Showcase

April 25, 2014
I am asked often if there is anything for kids to do in Epcot.  So many people look at this Walt Disney World theme park as being only adult friendly, but there is so much at Epcot for kids to do.

Epcot  for Kids World Showcase Disney Vacation Fun

Walt Disney World is ageless, and every theme park has something that will appeal to every age.  Epcot is no exception.  In fact, I am always ready to answer the questions asked about whether an Epcot for kids day is possible.  Epcot is all about being ‘kid friendly’, because in my opinion this theme park is the most well rounded theme park experience a kid can have!

Epcot, I will admit, on the surface looks to be geared toward adults.  Really, what Epcot is geared toward is a family vacation experience; Epcot for kids and families!  Disney provides unique activities; some for just the kids and some for families together.  The Disney Phineas and Ferb: Agent P's World Showcase Adventure is a family game available as you enjoy The World Showcase in Epcot.  Become a family of secret agents, teaming up with Agent P to help save the world from Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s. 

The Epcot for kids fun doesn’t end there in The World Showcase, where each country has what is called a Kidcot Fun Stop.   Be sure to let the little ones visit there, because a fun experience awaits them with colorful craft stations for preschoolers.  Your kids will travel the world at these stations, meeting cast members from different countries, and learning some of the fun crafts from those countries.   Here is where you will find the Kidcot Fun Stops in each country.

  • Mexico Pavilion (near Animales Fantasticos)
  • Norway Pavilion (The Puffin’s Roost)
  • China Pavilion (inside House of Good Fortune)
  • Germany Pavilion (Volkunst)
  • Italy Pavilion (outside near La Bottega Italiana)
  • American Adventure Pavilion (outside near Heritage Manor Gifts)
  • Japan Pavilion (in Bijutsu-kan Gallery)
  • Morocco Pavilion  (Marketplace in the Medina)
  • France Pavilion (Souvenirs de France)
  • United Kingdom Pavilion (The Toy Soldier)
  • Canada Pavilion (exit from O Canada! attraction)

Epcot for Kids means you will be looking for Disney characters.  When you arrive at the theme park, stop at Guest Services and they can tell you when and where specific characters will be appearing that day.  For instance, you will find some of your kids favorite characters along The World Showcase in Epcot.  Look for Belle in France, with Beast at her side; they are an adorable couple.  Of course, Morocco is where Aladdin and Jasmine will be waiting to say hello to your little ones.  They are usually right along the lagoon, and your pictures there will be so lovely.  In Germany you might be lucky enough to see Dopey and Snow White.  My favorite character of all can be found in The United Kingdom Pavilion; Mary Poppins!

Oh, and one of the most fun character meet and greets I have experienced was in Mexico with Donald Duck!  He is ready to Fiesta in the Mexico Pavilion where Gran Fiesta Starring The Three Cabelleros attraction is located.  See the character, and head into Mexico because the kids will love the boat ride this attraction offers.

A couple of small Epcot for kids fun ideas; don’t miss the miniature village with the train running through it in Germany.  Kids will be amazed by this; it is an entire village that is miniature size.  Japan is another fun place to walk through; take your time and look at the beautiful koi pond there.  The fish are big and beautiful.  Don’t miss Norway!  You can experience Maelstrom there; a fun boat ride along the North Sea, where you will meet some trolls!! 

Be sure to take your time walking through all of the United Kingdom Pavilion.  Your kids will love the fun that awaits them there.  Cast members are always out and about and ready to play games, such as old fashioned hop scotch.

So, The World Showcase sure does have lots for kids to do, don’t you agree?  We’ve not even stepped foot into Future World yet!  Find the fun in Epcot for Kids Part Two!  I promise, when I am done, you will have a new appreciation for how much there truly is for kids to do at Epcot!  I’d say we are well on our way!