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Epcot for Kids! Part 2 Explore Half of Futureworld

April 25, 2014
In Part Two of my Epcot for Kids series, I am going to explore a section of Future World, and see what Epcot for Kids has to offer in that area of the theme park.

Turtle Talk With Crush Epcot for Kids Future World Disney Vacation

Epcot for Kids!  In my last article, about Epcot for Kids, I explored The World Showcase.  It was lots of fun, and had so many things that kids would enjoy when a family is visiting Epcot in Walt Disney World.  

The first thing we pass, as we leave The World Showcase and walk toward Future World, is a fun spot for cooling off.  How many times have you seen little ones running through these, giggling and laughing?  And, how many times have you, as an adult, wanted to run through the water giggling and splashing?

Let’s head to the left toward the The Land Pavilion.   Your entire family will enjoy the Living With the Land attraction in this pavilion.   They will see plants growing in ways they never knew possible.  On the right here, you can see winter melons and pumpkins growing upside down!  This is a boat ride and it lasts about 15 minutes.  You will float through amazing greenhouses and see how Disney utilizes hydroponics to grow plants.  Epcot for Kids is all about having fun while you learn new things.

While you are in the Land Pavilion, be sure to visit Soarin’, an experience that even little ones will enjoy, as long as they are 40 inches, or taller.  While riding in a virtual hang glider, feel the air around you, and smell the smells, as you soar over different areas of California.  This ride is great for kids of all ages, and is Epcot for Kids and Families friendly!

Still in the same pavilion, don’t miss The Circle of Life show. This 15 minute show features some of our friends from the Lion King.   Simba, Timon, and Pumba join together in this short film to teach us that our actions can affect the environment, and how precious that environment is.   

When you leave The Land Pavilion, head to the right, toward the Imagination Pavilion.  Make sure you take time to stop and see the fountain that flows up!  This is a fun little spot, and great for photos.  Just another Disney touch in Epcot for Kids and families.  Don’t forget to throw a penny in the water and make a Disney wish!

The Imagination Pavilion has fun activities in the What If? Lab.  This is the area that you enter when you exit Journey Into Imagination; a 12 minute long ride, with Figment as the guide.  Explore the senses of sight, smell, and sound, as only Disney will provide at Epcot for Kids.  Figment sets his imagination free, and helps you set yours free, too! 

Captain EO Attraction is also in The Imagination Pavilion.  This classic musical spectacular, features Michael Jackson, has returned to Epcot for a special open-ended run. 

We can walk straight ahead, as we leave this pavilion, and head toward The Living Seas Pavilion.  Keep your eyes open for the monorail to pass right over your head!  If you are lucky, you can get a picture of the monorail with Spaceship Earth behind it.

The Living Seas Pavilion will be so much fun to spend time in!  Yes, expect to learn a thing or two about the oceans and our friends who live there.  The centerpiece of the pavilion is one of the largest saltwater aquariums in the world.  See sea life right up close.  There is a fun attraction that your family can enjoy, and it rides right through the aquarium.  When you visit The Seas With Nemo and Friends, you will ride in a clam mobile, and Nemo and his friends will entertain you.  This attraction is inspired by Disney·Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” movie.  Y0u will see all your undersea friends and it will feel like you are swimming with them. 

Not to be missed inside The Living Seas is Turtle Talk With Crush!  This is really a fun experience, and one of the bigger reasons you will agree that Epcot for Kids reigns in this pavilion.  DUDE!!!  You will go under the sea and have a conversation with Crush in his digital underwater world. The 152-year-old sea turtle from the Disney presentation of Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” chats, jokes and even recognizes Guests. 

So, that is it for Part Two of my Epcot for Kids series.  You can continue on and read Epcot for Kids Part 3!  Future World Characters and More!  I will be exploring more of Future World.