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Epcot for Kids! Part 3 Innoventions and Disney Characters

April 25, 2014
As we began our exploration of Epcot for Kids, in Epcot For Kids Part One! World Showcase Fun! I imagined I was writing one article.  As I virtually walked around Epcot, my imagination soared, and quickly my one article was re-imagined into a series with a child-like, fun look at Epcot for Kids.  

Innoventions Epcot for Kids Disney Vacation Fun

Welcome to Part Three where I will take a further look at Future World, and we will meet Disney characters and explore the Innoventions Pavilions.  Let’s start out on our adventure, walking back to one of the pavilions we explored in Epcot for Kids Part Two.  Let’s head over to The Land pavilion to meet Farmer Mickey Mouse.

Character dining is fun and plentiful in Walt Disney World and Epcot for Kids has some character dining options.  In fact, looking at the Land Pavilion, in Future World, there is a wonderful character dining experience, The Garden Grill.  Experience a delicious meal, while you giggle and laugh with Mickey, Pluto, Chip and Dale.  Oh, I promise you will eat well and laugh out loud!  I recall one time Chip took my hat, and would not give it back.  He kept it the entire time we ate and I had to find him to get it.  Mickey Mouse ended up intervening, and Chip had to apologize to me.  It was pretty funny!

Almost right in the middle of Future World is the Epcot Character Spot.  If you want quality time with your favorite characters as you tour Epcot for Kids, this is the pavilion for you.  This is an indoor area that is very whimsical, but as might be expected from Disney has a message.  You will experience brightly colored cartoon settings depicting transportation, space, energy, land and communication, and I think you will agree that you can expect to have a fun character experience.  Donald Duck is one character you will meet there, and he looks ready to say hello, doesn’t he?  Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto also visit regularly.  You can expect to see Chip and Dale there, too.  Cool off, and have your picture taken with a fun back drop, and no feeling of being rushed.

Lots of fun, and great pictures with the characters, now let’s make a stop in Innoventions.  This amazing attraction, with two buildings to play in, opened on July 1, 1994.  Innoventions is all about being creative and innovative, in order to make our lives better and to also make the world a better place to live.  Here is what you will find for fun in these two buildings.

Innoventions East

  • Sum of all Thrills™ – Test your imagination by designing a thrill ride using an interactive touch screen that lets you determine height and speed while adding features such as dips and corkscrew turns. Once “built,” climb aboard your very own design in the 4-D robotic simulator that uses sight, sound and movement to give you a realistic experience. Guests must meet a minimum height requirement of 48 inches to ride and 54 inches to invert on the ride.
  • StormStruck – Experience what it feels like to be in the perfect storm and discover important ways to protect your home and family in case of severe weather.
  • Test the Limits Lab – Treat yourself to a safety test where you are invited to shatter, drop and impact some of the products you use at home every day. Enjoy a short film hosted by Timon and Pumbaa and learn how to be “safety smart.”
  • Environmentality Corner – Learn important information on how you can protect and preserve our environment — learn about papermaking and even make a sample to take home.

Innoventions West

  • The Great Piggy Bank AdventureSM – Take an exciting learning challenge that incorporates physical and virtual elements to teach everyone in the family the importance of sound financial planning.
  • Smarter Planet – Get a glimpse at how new advances in computer design can significantly reduce our energy use and how technology is utilized to help solve some of the world’s most complex problems. Create your own avatar then experience a video game starring — YOU.
  • Videogame Playground – Experience the latest in videogame technology as you compete against your favorite sports teams, challenge a villain to a duel or embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure with some of your favorite Disney Characters.
  • Where’s the Fire? – Get your picture taken at the 30-foot pumper truck, become a Fire Chief by answering the most questions at the Burning Questions kiosks, and explore the Play it Safe Maze in this fun exhibit promoting fire safety.

We covered a lot of ground here and had fun doing it!  We aren’t done yet, though.  Epcot For Kids Part Four will be coming soon!  We still have plenty of fun to find in Epcot For Kids! Finale in Future World!