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Epcot for Kids! Part 4 Looks at the 2nd Half of Future World

April 25, 2014
Epcot For Kids!  Have I convinced you yet that there are plenty of fun things in Epcot for Kids?  We explored almost all of Epcot in the last three parts of my Epcot for Kids articles.  Today, let’s finish our tour in Future World.

Epcot for Kids Mission Space Disney Vacation Fun

How about a journey through space?  Epcot has some fun attractions, and Mission: SPACE is one of their newer and more exciting additions.   There is a height restriction of 44″ on this ride.  So, the actual ride is not for the smaller children.  In true Disney style, though, even Mission: SPACE has an area that the younger ones will enjoy.  The Mission: SPACE Advanced Training Lab allows all ages and heights, and is really a fun experience in Epcot for Kids.  It is a perfect experience if you don’t want to blast off to space, but would like to learn about the experience.

  • Postcards from Space – Create and email your very own space-themed video postcard at this kiosk
  • Mission: SPACE Race – 2 teams, comprised of both astronauts and ground control, compete to see who can send their rocket from Mars to Earth first
  • Expedition Mars – Via a joystick and jet-pack button, explore the surface of Mars and discover the conditions of a planet unlike our own
  • Space Base – An interactive play area for junior space explorers

After you exit Mission: SPACE don’t miss stopping at a cute little spot that the kids will absolutely love, especially if it is a super-hot day.  After your trip to Mars, The Cool Wash is a perfect spot to stop and get refreshed.  It looks like a car wash with flashing lights and swirling brushes and something most kids love, frozen Coca Cola!  This is a nice spot to take a break, have a cold drink and let the kids play.  There is even a car to climb on.  You are right near Test Track at Cool Wash, and that is can be your next attraction as you tour Epcot for Kids.

So, let’s meander over to Test Track now.  The height requirement for this attraction is 40″.  If you, or your kids love cars, this is a must experience attraction.  You will experience speed up to 60 mph, and some hair pin turns, heat and cold during this five minute ride.  At the end, will you crash?  As expected with a Disney attraction, you don’t have to ride the ride to experience the attraction.  The Test Track Pavilion is a perfect place to shop and learn about how cars are made.  You will find lots of interesting things there.

Are you interested in the Big Bang Theory?  Do you want to know all about dinosaurs and where energy comes from?  Let’s walk over to The Universe of Energy with Ellen Degeneres and have a little fun learning about these things.  This Epcot for Kids attraction experience will last about 45 minutes.  You will start off watching a game of Jeopardy where Ellen Degeneres, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Albert Einstein are the contestants.  Prepare to laugh, as you watch Ellen struggle with answers.  The adventure begins when Bill Nye the Science Guy steps in to lead Ellen back in time, so she can learn all about energy.  This is both fun and educational for the entire family.

A visit to Epcot in Walt Disney World would not be complete without experiencing the attraction that first comes to mind when you think of Epcot; Spaceship Earth.  This is such an iconic attraction.  Everyone takes pictures of Spaceship Earth from all different angles and areas of Epcot.  My favorite picture from my last trip is on the right.  I might have missed this shot if I was in a hurry, but thankfully I am never in a hurry when I visit Walt Disney World.

Disney has re-imagined Spaceship Earth, presented by Siemens, in recent years, and while you experience the concept of riding through time, you also can have an interactive experience creating your own future.  Be sure to take your time after you exit this ride, and visit all the fun interactive experiences that Epcot for Kids provides for you and your family to enjoy at Spaceship Earth.  Don’t miss the fun and educational experience here!

This has been a fun series for me to write, and I learned lots about how much fun awaits the children in Epcot for Kids.