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New Information - Free Dining Into December 2014! Disney World Vacation News!

April 29, 2014
There is some information regarding free dining in Walt Disney World that is surfacing.  It is just a rumor now,not confirmed by Disney yet.

Chicken Dinner Free Disney Dining Disney Vacation
The  free dining deal for Fall 2014 is due to be released very soon; possibly Thursday May 1, 2014.  At this time it will only be available for Disney Visa card holders to book.  It is expected to be released May 5 or May 6 to the general public.  

The big news is the dates that have been rumored!  The check in dates are:

August 31 - October 3
October 26 - November 1
November 9 - November 20
December 12 - December 23 

None of this is official news yet.  As soon as it is official I will post it here.

Do you want to book your vacation when the deal is released?  I am happy to help!