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Harambe Theatre is Ready to Welcome the Lion King Show!

May 09, 2014
Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief.  The Lion King show will be the same show it always was. The Harambe Theatre even looks like the old theatre.  See...

Harambe Theatre Lion King Show Disney Vacation
The show itself has not changed.   Disney updated it; added newer technology and I bet we may see some new costumes and such.  The backstage area has been updated most of all.  They also did an amazing job with the outside of the theatre.  With its creation Disney has made an entirely new area for guests to enjoy.

You will be able to find The Harambe Theatre in the village of Harambe.  The theatre is located along the waterfront, near the Tusker House Restaurant and the Dawa Bar. 

The Lion King show reopens in June; soon!  Animal Kingdom is growing and becoming more and more amazing.