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Disney Free Dining Unique Offer Code - Pin Code!

June 03, 2014
There is a new Disney World FREE Dining offer available for selected guests. Disney has a new name for it, but it is a pin code offer.   It will come in your mailbox.

Disney World Free Dining Unique Offer Code Pin Code

Disney World Free Dining Unique Offer Code Pin Code  
Disney is calling this a Unique Offer Code.  The Disney agents on the phone say it is known as the UOC offer.  This offer is available for the same range of dates that the general public free dining in Walt Disney World offer works for. The difference is that Disney added a few extra dates. You might also find Port Orleans French Quarter or Port Orleans Riverside available for some of the dates.

The available date ranges are: Aug. 25-Oct. 3, Oct. 19-Nov. 1, Nov. 9-22, Dec. 12-23, 2014.

This offer can be booked until  September 12, 2014.

Free Dining in Disney World Pin Code Unique Offer Code 

Contact me today if you got this unique offer code.  I will be happy to help you with your vacation plans.