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Disney's Hollywood Studios Pixar Place Facts and Rumors

September 26, 2014
Disney is busy at Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.  There are facts and there are rumors. Let's see if we can sort through them.

Backlot Tour Hollywood Studios Vacation


The fact is that the Backlot Tour is being shut down permanently. Tomorrow is the last day you can experience it. It is one of the first attractions I experienced in Walt Disney World many years ago. I think it has seen its day. Disney is interested in attractions that are busy and current. I am not surprised to see the end of Backlot Tours.

Another fact is that Disney did file permits for renovation of Soundstage One at Hollywood Studios. The permit expires on September 30, 2016. Soundstage One is right next door to Toy Story Mania, and also adjacent to the entrance to Backlot Tour. 

One more fact is that Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post is currently located in Soundstage One.  On September 28 it is moving to the Streets of America and will be located where the exit to Backlot Tour is located today. 

That is it for facts. The rest is rumor and wishful thinking on most everyone's minds. Obviously Disney is up to some magic. I am excited to see how this plays out. 

I keep seeing that signin my thoughts; Pixar Studios.  I really am hopeful that Disney is going to create a Land around that sign. They have the space to do it. But, this is just me wishful thinking and imagining. 

I am also wondering where the Mickey water tower will go. I sure hope Disney finds a home for it somewhere. 

Mickey Ears Water Tower Hollywood Studios 

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